The Paperology Book

The Paperology Book is an experiment in documentation for group. Rebecca Rouse hand made a blank book for the nearly 30 participants to fill in as they choose. The book left Sweden on January 7, 2021 with a final destination of Montreal, Canada, & with scheduled stops in Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom, & the United States.

There is a dedicated website, where you can track the progress of the book as it moves about the world and as contributions are added.

Interactive Book Tracking Map

Documentation as the book leaves Sweden for the first leg of its long journey


Surface and Substrate: Reflections on Working with Paper Pulp at Dieu Donné

An artist talk by Elana Herzog

 Thursday January 14th, 2021, 11am EST
All are welcome. Please register with Eventbrite to receive the Zoom link.

Elana Herzog uses material culture to consider aspects of ephemerality, entropy, pleasure and pain. Her current focus is on the global migrations of culture and technology as seen through the lens of textile. She researches the ways that people and materials relocate, transforming domestic and institutional environments over time. She collects textile materials gleaned from daily life; charged materials that carry stories, mark time, chart navigations and conquests. These materials form the basis of her sculptural installations, in which she blends and translates them into visually dynamic mash-ups that are open to multiple readings.

In 2008 Elana was awarded a residency at Dieu Donné Papermill, in New York City, and has continued to work with handmade paper pulp ever since.

Elana’s account of her art practice with paper will ground the « experiential » conditions of paper that we will explore throughout the second half of the Paperology RAG. Our meeting on January 21, 2021 is on Support, Substrate, Medium.

The Paperology RAG is organized by Artefact Lab and Atelier -30- in the Department of Communication, at Université de Montréal.